January 15, 2011

“Quality of Life” – Legals to the back, please.

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Now for a personal spin………

I was one of those average Americans.  I believed that I was going to make a decent living by working hard, and thus,  be able to live with a decent quality of life.  I was taught those values by my parents, and I worked hard to live within those teachings.

Add to that, I became a skilled tradesman – a tool and die maker specifically –  and a US Army veteran, a volunteer fireman, and a professional tractor-trailer driver among other respectable endeavors.

Now, and totally, because of the manipulations of the CEOs – and through many iterations thereof, I am unemployed presently.  Plant closures (a defense plant by-the-way), and multiple layoffs became normal for me.  I have zero worth at the moment.  I am unemployed.  I realize that I am “downsized” because of all the outsourcing due to corporate greed over the last thirty years. And, also due to the demographic/sociological maneuvering across our southern border, I find myself competing with illegal aliens for unskilled, and minimum wage jobs.  In fact, since I do not check the: “Are you Hispanic” yes/no box as ‘yes’ I feel I am being over-looked for those few minimum wage positions that do exist.

If there was ever a time when a society would entertain thoughts of /any kind/ of revolution – it is now!  If your particular life situation is not as close to the issue as mine was and is, I can only hope that your “life insulation” is thick enough to continue to spare you, firsthand, of these problems.

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