May 22, 2011

Pawlenty for POTUS?

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Timmy, Timmy…..

Timmy, Timmy.  You have thrown your hat into the 2012 Presidential Election ring.  Grats for that, but I don’t know. You were elected governer of Minnesota, as a social moderate, in that “Blue State”. You then conveniently adopted a religious rights position, as well as your shifting ‘right’ on abortion and LGBT rights. All this just in time for your unsucessful attachment to the 2008 Presidential nominee John #McCain – as his veep runner.   I’m not sure how that “glitch” will play for the “big ‘ol boys” investment clique.  After all, they seem to always want a return on their gracious gifts.  It’s not you, mind you, it’s that numbers-crunching thing that always gets in the way – nothing personal.

I do have to tell you also, Timmy, that #POTUS is sort of a step up from “veep candidate wannabe”.  Should you press yourself upon the voters, what kind of hat do you intend to wear for the sake of the “moderates’?  Heck, you might not hold too much credibility among conservatives and moderates alike – you know – they not being sure, of just who you are, and all that nonsense.  One last silly thing.  I wonder how you will “ignite passion” among the electorate.  You just don’t seem to have any of that – well – you know.  Perhaps your “T-PAW faux hockey shirt will do the trick.

This writing is strictly an opinion, and to that we, if Americans,  are all so entitled, under the Constitution of the United States of America.

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