June 25, 2011

The Casey Anthony Fixation

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Granted – Any small child’s murder/death tugs at any sensible person’s heart strings – but this is ‘a one person tragedy’ – Our entire #USA is at risk of being destroyed from multiple directions – Yet, the #MSM devotes as much – or MORE time to the covering of the #Anthony Child story than important national and world events – It is as if there is nothing else in the world as important as the following an insignificant blurb in ‘short term history’ – There is a perversion and insanity to this – Are we hopelessly entwined within the proverbial “Melt Down” that  some have predicted – or are we to be just another historical example of a  “ROME” type pseudo dynasty –  to be brought down by Arabs, Muslims, and other internal and external Huns? –  OR, do we TAKE BACK #AMERICA, DAMN IT?

Personally, I don’t care whether the mother, Casey, is found guilty or innocent of the murder charge.  If she killed her daughter Caylee, she is guilty.  Or if her actions or inaction resulted in a neglectful death-causing accident, she is just as guilty.  A ‘normal’ mother would most likely have the shame to walk off into the woods and blow her brains out in grief.  But NO, we have to be assaulted day in and day out, with a story that JUST DOESN’T MATTER.

Proof-read THIS!

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