November 12, 2012

A Blessing In Disguise

Filed under: opinion — Penrod @ 7:33 PM

A VIEW UNSEEN – THE Obama win is quickest way to reclaiming America because – – – – – – – 1. (if) ROMNEY HAD WON – The bamabots would riot & attempt to destabilize USA to a degree of great damage with eventual (Right-leaning) Military quashing of them – then receding, claiming ‘non-event’ etc. Yet, economy would not have even s slim chance to recover for years. Then 2016 elections will still be driven by a corrupt and disillusioned Left. 

2. THIS OBAMA WIN will not cause any dissent by the Right – beyond civil discussion and protest – certainly nothing warranting riot or Martial Law – That is a ‘killer’ to obama plans. Add to that, given its own weight of destined failure, the ‘rats will start leaving the obama ship’ as ‘free chit’ dries up.

Prediction: Obama will not serve his whole term. There are too many reasons stacked-up against that – Obamacare – Economy – Benghazi – Scandals – Impeachment possibilities – Cabinet defections – Left wing base-desertion – or unknown ‘factors’

The election result may very well be a blessing in disguise. With perseverance and temperament control, the way to reclaiming America will be on track again.



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