About – About What?

I do not claim to be an expert in many things, or even in a few things.  But what I try to do from here, is to find the little “offshoots” of the well-traveled paths of any given subject that catches my attention.  I also tend to pick up “shiny things” from the ground, as well as ponder over the “shiny things” in the night sky.

An example of  an “offshoot” would be the posted (Awwww Nuts) habits of squirrels.  It is widely known that they bury acorns and such.  It is further known, by those who even mildly study them, that they “pat” the ground after pushing the soil on top of the treasure.  But, while I do not study squirrels, I did happen to watch some casually from a window.  I observed the critters placing a nearby fallen leaf atop the patted soil.  Then, the leaf in turn was given two pats – and the squirrel was off and running.  This leaf thing was so cute to watch.  But in “squirreldom” the practice is surely an extra security measure.  But the point is this:   Perhaps Darwin missed that particular nuance 🙂

So, my goal within my own blogosphere,  is to share the variants, twists, or any jots of information that I happen across.  Perhaps some of this may be helpful toward increasing understanding of a study, if only a little.  And given this, it is doubtful I will stick with any single subject.  In fact, I most likely will wander far and wide – with no apparent pattern or reason.  But indeed, /that/ perceived chaos will be the pattern I have in mind.  Now and then, too,  a good rant (about what annoys me, or what should be done about ‘this or that’), is not out of the question.

I look forward to sharing openly.  If you wish to discuss whatever you find here, you are more than welcome.

twitter:  @USArmy_vet

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