May 15, 2011

Powerful Pain Relief?

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My Head Is Gonna ‘Splode

There needs to a self-imposed law for “cable news outlets”, that forbids them from showing us those repetitive “short shots” of accompanying video file-footage when reporting on STALE news.  You know, the kinds of video clips where, apparently,  the camera people cannot focus on a subject for more than twenty seconds.  These “gems” are later fed to us as though they were rare works of art.  But after only the first few hundred viewings, its:  “this dog don’t hunt” time.

I now live in fear that we will see some exciting shots of a flood gate spilling streams of water, into some spillway – for ever and ever.  I mean, I feel sadness, and my heart goes out to those living within the flood plains of the Mississippi River, for all that they are going through – but for God’s sake – we /understand/ that water is flowing through that damned spillway.

Worse, is when there is a topical discussion taking place in a news studio, and the producers have only about 20 seconds of “related” video on hand.  Somehow, they feel they have the critical, professional duty to play a loop of it, in a box,  ad nauseam.  How could we not be enthralled over the very sight of it – no less the report, for that matter.  And, to that matter, the “guests” are most likely just shouting at each other the entire time.

Every time some fool on FOX, CNN, or MSNBC even mentions the word ‘Osama’, you can bet the farm, you will see that idiot walking up the rocks, and  down the rocks – over and over and over.  Ten years later, we /still/ see Bin Laden examining his trusty AK-47 , (with a keen lack of interest equal to ours).  It actually makes me yearn to watch “ACTIVON” commercials over and over and over –  to relieve the pain.  Powerful Pain Relief, indeed.

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Photo courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

January 16, 2011

Sparrows From Another Dimension

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In a downtown area, or almost anywhere, it amazes me just how many sparrows share our living spaces. They are on the sidewalks, pecking at real or imagined jots of whatever. They will crane their necks to get a good look, as they watch us approach.  They then bop out of our way only just until we pass by.  Then they are almost instantly back again – going about business as usual.

I wonder just how many people don’t even know they are there?  They are everywhere. Look towards those awnings above, say, a produce store.  Without a doubt, there are always some sparrows up there, peering down for any opportunity of a scrap.

A favorite short-term perch of city sparrows is any chain link fence – one bird per frame, facing into the wind.  They are able to sit quietly, if only for a moment,  since they are perpetually excited.  There, each will watch every single move that another bird makes.  To me, sparrows seem just damned happy all the time.  They are naturally high on life – and cute as a button 🙂

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