May 4, 2011

What Really Happened – Before the Seals Arrived

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Inside the Bin Laden Compound  – Why Not?….

Given the strangeness of the Obama Administration, don’t count out anything. Given too, all the strangeness surrounding the killing of Osama Bin Laden, it is difficult not to dream up and consider alternative situations of how he came to suddenly die in Pakistan.

One alternative (and this is purely a fictional surmising) is that the compound was  constructed by US with full knowledge of Pakistani Government.  The purpose of this compound was to house Osama  in the event of his capture. The thought is it would be a secluded spot, and would be needed to collect terrorist intelligence via interrogation. If a capture did not materialize, well, Pakistan would have a few more buildings nearby to its existing military academy.

There was another, just as important, reason for the compound.  In no way would bringing Osama to the US be a good thing for the Obama administration.  There would be no end to distraction or criticisms for this or that.

So, consider that this /did/ happen:  Osama was indeed captured, at a place  yet unknown, via some intelligence, or perhaps a reward seeker.  He was then secreted to the prepared compound along with family and whomever, in tow. There was no way they could be allowed to be left behind, since the mission was to interrogate Osama “quietly”.

The ready compound was built and maintained in the lowest possible profile.  It was as low-key as twelve-foot walls, topped with barbed wire, could be considered low-key.  But, that was just something that had to be dealt with best as possible.  Consider too, the lack of utilities or mail box, or garbage collection.  Perhaps that was a CIA blunder to not have the compound “residents” appear to be living as normal (though eccentric) a life as could be constructed.  If Osama were the actual holder of the compound, he may, most certainly, have opted for at least electric service.  Perhaps, in its tending to the tightness of security, the CIA did not allow, that outward appearances would themselves be an attention-getter.  And, Bin Laden  may not have been that detail-conscious overall, but would most likely have relied on his simply staying out of sight, deep inside the walls – yes, with electric, a place for mail,  and sanitized garbage to be put out for pick up.

At some point, sufficient terrorist information was gotten , and disposing of Bin Laden became the issue.  Some foot-dragging took place over how and what to do with Osama, and time ticked. (Now it gets nefarious)  Consciously or unconsciously, the Obama admin started looking at this “outstanding issue” as an opportunity.  In this scenario, the current state of  the President’s elected term made for the perfect time.  Now, what to do.  It might be assumed that bringing Osama to the US would not be a good thing for many reasons.  A trial could open a ‘can of worms’.  Or perhaps more likely, there was a chance the whole scheme  of hiding Osama would come into question once Osama came under the protection, and advice of,  legal representation.

The easiest way then,  was to “whack” him. Obviously, the  circle argued the points of this.  There were differing reports of some disagreement   A sense of this confusion was “leaked” from the “war room” even as the “nod” to the Seal mission was eventually given.  Now, again, the military was/is clean in this.  This is all theory, and continuing:  The CIA would be the ones who brought Osama to the compound.  They kept him there and interrogated him for quite a while. Then, just, and I mean, just before the Seal team arrived, the CIA exited with Osama (et all) left in a daze.  Before they could make sense of anything, they suddenly faced the “surprise” of the Seal incursion.  Certainly, the CIA would have no qualms about doing what was needed to do what was needed.  The military, rightfully, keeps clean throughout, since they dutifully performed their mission as ordered – honestly unaware of what had just transpired.

Another point. Was the time spent training to breach the “Bin Laden compound” a measure of how long Osama was at the compound?  Of course, plus probably a few months.  In effect, Osama was grabbed  by the CIA, some time passed.  It was also decided to have the Seals train for an assault of the compound in order that there be a contingency plan in place.  At that point in time, it may not have yet been decided what the outcome for Osama would be, but they may have thought it important that the Seals know the ‘lay of the land’.  This was accomplished by satellite surveillance.  The CIA would have carefully controlled human traffic inside the compound, feeding the “birds” above what they wanted. Nothing unusual showed that would raise questions to authenticity of the target compound. This kept the number of those involved in the plan to a minimum.

The outcome of the compound witnesses is largely unknown, but it probably wasn’t  pleasant outcome.  As for the courier that was mentioned in the official version?  He was not followed around, nor did he lead the CIA to the compound.  After all, they had it built.  The courier may not have even existed, or at least not in the time frame, as it was explained. “He” just conveniently tied up a loose link to the compound.

And Pakistan?  All of this supposed indignation and outrage was just for show,  and for the edification of the Pakistanis. The government was well paid  for that show too. Most surely, there will be no retraction demands of foreign aid to them. In fact, shortly there may more aid forthcoming.  As far as tension with Pakistan?  Our relationship is probably more solid now, than ever.

A last point to make. Just as with the code-breakings of WWII, it could never be let known that Osama was interred for questioning.  His disappearance from where he was hiding may have been made to look like he was killed on the spot, and the body taken away.  There may well have been some bodies left at that scene, to be later discovered by accomplices – with no want or way to report an apparent death scene of their comrade. along with the removal of Osama’s corpse.

This writing is opinion and/or a work of  fiction and in no way presumes actual actions or any wrong-doing by any of the listed parties. All references to persons or supposed agencies is fictional, coincidental,  and should not be construed as real.

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