May 14, 2011

Protect The USA

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 Short and Sweet:   Border War

Should it come to it, I will gladly consider it my patriotic duty to take up arms in a fight to protect the USA from the continued invasion across our southern border. There is no need to discuss this illegal invasion issue further.  The opinions and the battle lines are well-formed.  I vehemently believe in the traditional American way of life.  I believe in our Constitution, and demand that it be upheld – with blood – if necessary.  I will do whatever it takes to protect my family’s well-being.  Our country’s destruction is taking place right before our eyes!  Those who enable this illegal invasion from the south, (and in doing such, are recklessly assisting  in the planned destruction of the #USA) are now doing so at their own peril.  I have absolutely no qualms about taking part in live-fire battle with these traitor enablers, whomever they are, in order to protect The United States of America.

(This writing is strictly opinion – and I’m damned proud of it.)

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January 15, 2011

“Quality of Life” – Legals to the back, please.

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Now for a personal spin………

I was one of those average Americans.  I believed that I was going to make a decent living by working hard, and thus,  be able to live with a decent quality of life.  I was taught those values by my parents, and I worked hard to live within those teachings.

Add to that, I became a skilled tradesman – a tool and die maker specifically –  and a US Army veteran, a volunteer fireman, and a professional tractor-trailer driver among other respectable endeavors.

Now, and totally, because of the manipulations of the CEOs – and through many iterations thereof, I am unemployed presently.  Plant closures (a defense plant by-the-way), and multiple layoffs became normal for me.  I have zero worth at the moment.  I am unemployed.  I realize that I am “downsized” because of all the outsourcing due to corporate greed over the last thirty years. And, also due to the demographic/sociological maneuvering across our southern border, I find myself competing with illegal aliens for unskilled, and minimum wage jobs.  In fact, since I do not check the: “Are you Hispanic” yes/no box as ‘yes’ I feel I am being over-looked for those few minimum wage positions that do exist.

If there was ever a time when a society would entertain thoughts of /any kind/ of revolution – it is now!  If your particular life situation is not as close to the issue as mine was and is, I can only hope that your “life insulation” is thick enough to continue to spare you, firsthand, of these problems.

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