January 15, 2011

Awwww Nuts

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Did you ever see animals do something so cute that it breaks your heart?  Something that is so adorable that it even makes the meanest of warriors go:  “awwww”

We all know that squirrels bury nuts, but have you ever looked closely at the routine they go through as they hoard their stashes?  One day this last fall, while looking out of a window, I noticed a family of squirrels burying acorns.  I stopped what I was doing to watch for a bit.

Each squirrel was poking around in the blanket of colored leaves until an acorn is found.  Then they sit up, hold it to their mouth, spin it a couple of times to test it for quality, or something.  Like a flash, it is off to the burial site – in this case only a few feet away.  Then it’s: “dig we must’ ….. deposit acorn ….. cover acorn ….. pat the dirt twice.  After all that, it would grab a close-by fallen leaf and place it on top of the freshly-packed dirt and give it a quick pat!  They all did this, without fail, each time.  The whole thing was just like watching fireworks burst and me going “ooooooo……awwww” each time.

Oh.  There were two baby squirrels there too.  But all they did, was eat the acorns 🙂

Now, I don’t know if these squirrel routines are the standard overall, or some learned traits peculiar to this particular squirrel neighborhood, but regardless – it was something I was glad to observe.

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