January 15, 2011

Politicians Are Talk Merchants….buyer beware!

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Politicians are largely merchants of nothing but bull crap.  At least, I have never had to argue that point with anyone whom I valued personally.  Now, the politicians. That is how they got to be politicians in the first place.  They talk. That is all they do.  That is how they polished their pseudo skills to assure that they can continue as merchants of bull crap ad-infinitum.  They should be the LAST ones to speak for a country.  When I think of them, I get visions of togas, or ivy crowns on heads.  I picture the Roman Senate where some moron has a thumb tucked in a chest garment while flaying the other arm in sweeping gestures of: “just how wonderful I am in expressing my gaseous blather to one and all”.

Do you long for the days of Ozzie and Harriet, or Leave it to Beaver?  Do you remember when family values were the core example of how one would begin the daily business ahead?  Do you remember when it was alright to feel guilty that another was unfairly taken advantage of….no less that the other one was on the same team?

Where are the venerable “Mister Smith Goes to Washington” types today?  Too many people cannot catch on to the fact that they are completely duped.  And worse, they readily accept it, while paying for the privilege.



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