May 3, 2012

Occupy ‘BackPack’ Bombs?

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At an airport, a three-year-old girl is patted-down by the TSA for explosives or weapons – a ‘granny’ must remove orthopedic slippers to prove she has no ‘shoe bombs’.

Yet, thousands of ‘Occupy’ marchers, who are largely self-proclaimed ‘Anarchists’ encamp or march freely, as is their Constitutional right.  But often times, these gatherings border on, or become illegal – with violent reaction from the marchers – and arrests by the Police.  The ‘Occupiers’ openly call for the overthrow of our country’s legally installed system.  Throngs mill about or pass by populated areas without any serious scrutiny by the DHS (or TSA, for that matter).  Almost every one of them carries a ‘BackPack’ – filled with ‘who knows what’? AND THAT – is exactly the point!

Can there be a better place for the DHS to place its focus and attention?  How hard could it be for a Terrorist to mix in among the agitated crowd and simply ‘set-off’ fifty pounds of high explosives?  Or, might a criminally minded marcher be the one to go to his ‘Maker’ for some deluded ideology?  The horrible result in death and injuries could number in the thousands.

There can be no claim of racial, ethnic, or religious ‘Profiling’ allowed here.  The ‘Occupiers’ are condensed into a group – intent on changing the legal system of The United States of America – without due process.  They are ‘served up on a platter’ for justified attention.  There can be no ‘Political Leanings’ tolerated. Citizens MUST be protected by the Government from all enemies – foreign and domestic.

Simply put – DHS DO YOUR JOB! – Protect the law-abiding, and innocent citizens of America from the /real/ possibility of an act of home-grown terrorism in our streets and parks during an ‘Occupy’ movement.




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