June 25, 2011

The Casey Anthony Fixation

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Granted – Any small child’s murder/death tugs at any sensible person’s heart strings – but this is ‘a one person tragedy’ – Our entire #USA is at risk of being destroyed from multiple directions – Yet, the #MSM devotes as much – or MORE time to the covering of the #Anthony Child story than important national and world events – It is as if there is nothing else in the world as important as the following an insignificant blurb in ‘short term history’ – There is a perversion and insanity to this – Are we hopelessly entwined within the proverbial “Melt Down” that  some have predicted – or are we to be just another historical example of a  “ROME” type pseudo dynasty –  to be brought down by Arabs, Muslims, and other internal and external Huns? –  OR, do we TAKE BACK #AMERICA, DAMN IT?

Personally, I don’t care whether the mother, Casey, is found guilty or innocent of the murder charge.  If she killed her daughter Caylee, she is guilty.  Or if her actions or inaction resulted in a neglectful death-causing accident, she is just as guilty.  A ‘normal’ mother would most likely have the shame to walk off into the woods and blow her brains out in grief.  But NO, we have to be assaulted day in and day out, with a story that JUST DOESN’T MATTER.

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January 15, 2011

Politicians Are Talk Merchants….buyer beware!

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Politicians are largely merchants of nothing but bull crap.  At least, I have never had to argue that point with anyone whom I valued personally.  Now, the politicians. That is how they got to be politicians in the first place.  They talk. That is all they do.  That is how they polished their pseudo skills to assure that they can continue as merchants of bull crap ad-infinitum.  They should be the LAST ones to speak for a country.  When I think of them, I get visions of togas, or ivy crowns on heads.  I picture the Roman Senate where some moron has a thumb tucked in a chest garment while flaying the other arm in sweeping gestures of: “just how wonderful I am in expressing my gaseous blather to one and all”.

Do you long for the days of Ozzie and Harriet, or Leave it to Beaver?  Do you remember when family values were the core example of how one would begin the daily business ahead?  Do you remember when it was alright to feel guilty that another was unfairly taken advantage of….no less that the other one was on the same team?

Where are the venerable “Mister Smith Goes to Washington” types today?  Too many people cannot catch on to the fact that they are completely duped.  And worse, they readily accept it, while paying for the privilege.



CEOs: 200x overpaid

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Recently, I overheard a (Fox News?) program as it referred to something  purportedly said by Ben Afleck  (paraphrasing):

“There was a time when CEOs made 9x the average person’s salary.  Now the average CEO makes 200x what the average person makes.”

This blurb was like a cry in the night.  Do people hear and understand was was said? Does anyone pay attention? This type of situation is simply revolting!  For health concerns, I tried to immediately stop my juices from over-boiling.  But it was no use – so here we go………….

Are (given the above quirp) CEOs 200x better than the average person today, or is the distribution of weath horribly skewed?  (When I say “CEOs” I refer to them in general, and the system they control, or of which thare are a part.)

And don’t, right away give me that: “Well, they earned it, so they have it” kind of stuff.  If the playing field was as equal today as it was, say in the post WWII years of the 1950s, then an argument could be made to that way of thinking.

But, since those “golden days” when people had morals, and life was as fair as could be expected, the greedy decision-makers did as they did best: they decided…..then they created ways of increasing their positions, at the very cost of the innocents who only wanted to do their honest days’ work for an honest wage.  The CEOs stole from them! Period!

They went into partnerships with overseas concerns.  They looked for the cheapest possible cost for the maximum possible gain.  All the time they were not considering “where they lived” or what would be the “long term outcome”, or “is it okay to stab your own country in the back”?  Let’s face it. The CEOs acted simply as traitors to the United States of America.

Am I as a singlular person bitter?  Hell yes I am!  I worked hard all of my life, and did so in a way that an average person might reasonably consider that his/her work was to be enough for his/her fair share in the good that America offered.  This share, in an amount that befits his/her fair status in life.  But being (in effect) raped was never expected by those who honestly went about their daily work in an honest way.

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