May 17, 2015

Over the Edge

Historically speaking, America’s Government has now exceeded the size and complexity to where it can be reduced-in-size, of its own volition. Nor will it likely abide by the collective wishes of its population to do so.

A governmental Beast will defend itself at all costs – even against those who installed them via free, and willing vote. The only way for the Beast to defend itself is by increasing its size. It creates layers of insulation by way of forming new supporting agencies and ‘friendly’ appointments and hires – thus largely circumventing the free voting process, and continually growing and securing itself. The ONLY way to support a government’s endless hunger for growth and power is to demand more and more from those they work for – meaning you and me.

No ECONOMY can support endless governmental growth. Although it will be argued that those who ‘work’ within the Beast are earning their pay, the problem lies with the source of their pay – you and me. The more citizens pay to the Beast, the less (in effect) productive the citizens become. The profits (investment and trades) of their toil are squandered, compounding the problem. The hard fact is: too few are ‘earning’ – too many are supporting.

The ever-increasing growth of government tendrils leads inevitably to over-bearing REGULATION and CORRUPTION. The only way to enforce those regulations, and continue the corruption, is by OPPRESSION.

At some point of oppression, the citizens of a country will rise up and OVERTHROW that which causes them unbearable pain. This is an Historical FACT! 13 Colonies / Rome / France / Russia and countless other civilizations are proof-positive of this. There is NEVER ANOTHER OUTCOME short of outside conquering. The only variable factor is the time it takes for this to happen.

Perhaps it is not too late for America – perhaps it is.


November 12, 2012

A Blessing In Disguise

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A VIEW UNSEEN – THE Obama win is quickest way to reclaiming America because – – – – – – – 1. (if) ROMNEY HAD WON – The bamabots would riot & attempt to destabilize USA to a degree of great damage with eventual (Right-leaning) Military quashing of them – then receding, claiming ‘non-event’ etc. Yet, economy would not have even s slim chance to recover for years. Then 2016 elections will still be driven by a corrupt and disillusioned Left. 

2. THIS OBAMA WIN will not cause any dissent by the Right – beyond civil discussion and protest – certainly nothing warranting riot or Martial Law – That is a ‘killer’ to obama plans. Add to that, given its own weight of destined failure, the ‘rats will start leaving the obama ship’ as ‘free chit’ dries up.

Prediction: Obama will not serve his whole term. There are too many reasons stacked-up against that – Obamacare – Economy – Benghazi – Scandals – Impeachment possibilities – Cabinet defections – Left wing base-desertion – or unknown ‘factors’

The election result may very well be a blessing in disguise. With perseverance and temperament control, the way to reclaiming America will be on track again.



May 3, 2012

Occupy ‘BackPack’ Bombs?

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At an airport, a three-year-old girl is patted-down by the TSA for explosives or weapons – a ‘granny’ must remove orthopedic slippers to prove she has no ‘shoe bombs’.

Yet, thousands of ‘Occupy’ marchers, who are largely self-proclaimed ‘Anarchists’ encamp or march freely, as is their Constitutional right.  But often times, these gatherings border on, or become illegal – with violent reaction from the marchers – and arrests by the Police.  The ‘Occupiers’ openly call for the overthrow of our country’s legally installed system.  Throngs mill about or pass by populated areas without any serious scrutiny by the DHS (or TSA, for that matter).  Almost every one of them carries a ‘BackPack’ – filled with ‘who knows what’? AND THAT – is exactly the point!

Can there be a better place for the DHS to place its focus and attention?  How hard could it be for a Terrorist to mix in among the agitated crowd and simply ‘set-off’ fifty pounds of high explosives?  Or, might a criminally minded marcher be the one to go to his ‘Maker’ for some deluded ideology?  The horrible result in death and injuries could number in the thousands.

There can be no claim of racial, ethnic, or religious ‘Profiling’ allowed here.  The ‘Occupiers’ are condensed into a group – intent on changing the legal system of The United States of America – without due process.  They are ‘served up on a platter’ for justified attention.  There can be no ‘Political Leanings’ tolerated. Citizens MUST be protected by the Government from all enemies – foreign and domestic.

Simply put – DHS DO YOUR JOB! – Protect the law-abiding, and innocent citizens of America from the /real/ possibility of an act of home-grown terrorism in our streets and parks during an ‘Occupy’ movement.




June 25, 2011

The Casey Anthony Fixation

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Granted – Any small child’s murder/death tugs at any sensible person’s heart strings – but this is ‘a one person tragedy’ – Our entire #USA is at risk of being destroyed from multiple directions – Yet, the #MSM devotes as much – or MORE time to the covering of the #Anthony Child story than important national and world events – It is as if there is nothing else in the world as important as the following an insignificant blurb in ‘short term history’ – There is a perversion and insanity to this – Are we hopelessly entwined within the proverbial “Melt Down” that  some have predicted – or are we to be just another historical example of a  “ROME” type pseudo dynasty –  to be brought down by Arabs, Muslims, and other internal and external Huns? –  OR, do we TAKE BACK #AMERICA, DAMN IT?

Personally, I don’t care whether the mother, Casey, is found guilty or innocent of the murder charge.  If she killed her daughter Caylee, she is guilty.  Or if her actions or inaction resulted in a neglectful death-causing accident, she is just as guilty.  A ‘normal’ mother would most likely have the shame to walk off into the woods and blow her brains out in grief.  But NO, we have to be assaulted day in and day out, with a story that JUST DOESN’T MATTER.

Proof-read THIS!

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June 21, 2011

Libya – Teamwork?

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Humble Pie – for the sake of sanity

When Libya cried out for international help against Gaddafi’s atrocities ongoing, the USA, in historic manner, answered the call.  This was a clear-cut involvement as the mission was to stop human suffering.  Add to that, the Freedom Fighters’ underlying desire to become a democratic nation.  Then Obama decided ‘midstream’ to try some namby-pamby game-playing, by telling an unready NATO:  It’s your turn to do something. He couldn’t have sent out a worse message to the entire world – that the USA has become undecided and unreliable.  This has to end.  We need to re-take command of the situation and terminate Gaddafi’s rule.

This will, at least, bring immediate peace to Libya, and give the people and their representative NTC a chance to work on their future.  It is the best and only way for the USA  to get out of Libya.  To do otherwise will only cost more in money and lives as uncertainty drags on.  The worst case is that Gaddafi regains control and resumes a certain path of revenge, torture, rape, and murder with a new vigour.

Obama needs to eat humble pie and approach Congress with a clear-cut plan, and present himself as a team player – if only once.  Then, odds are, Congress will view that as the ‘best’ plan and agree.  And then we can remove ourselves from at least one problem.

June 12, 2011

A FourSome – A Mistake

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What the hell is House Majority Leader John Boehner thinking?

We are in the midst of a war to save the USA from destruction in the hands of the “Constitution-violating”  Obama Administration.  Why on Earth would House Majority Leader John Boehner and Ohio Governor John Kasich decide to go “business golfing” on June 18th with this obnoxious President and his “familiar” Joe Biden?

Millions of Americans are out of work, out of home, and struggling to pay basic daily bills – no less pay greens fees.  It is totally inappropriate, given this landscape, for them to be out sharing fun times with the opposition.  The “links” is no place to conduct the business of the USA  – in the best of times – no less now,  This is an insult to me, and I presume, to the overwhelming majority on the Right.  This outing, “….to smooth over some of their differences as they seek a compromise over raising the national debt limit and cutting spending”, is just a BAD move on Boehner’s part.  How dare he!

As for Kasich, granted, should the expected negative feedback arise, the Ohio Governor will have to answer first to his state constituents.  But, as a former House Representative, he is considered to still be a “DC Insider” with some clout remaining.  Yet what is he doing conducting and shaping the future of America by conducting business that is not HIS business?

This whole affair sours the stomach.  It calls to mind the arrogance of the Roman Senate, or olden France’s “let them eat cake” attitude. This is just one more proof of the fact that firstly, Government is a private “club” – regardless of political affiliation.  And secondly – no one in that club has any true concern for the people who hire them.

I suggest we all STRONGLY advise @boehner to not conspire with our proven enemy on the field of fun.

(garnered from)  http://bit.ly/lygYxo

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May 22, 2011

Pawlenty for POTUS?

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Timmy, Timmy…..

Timmy, Timmy.  You have thrown your hat into the 2012 Presidential Election ring.  Grats for that, but I don’t know. You were elected governer of Minnesota, as a social moderate, in that “Blue State”. You then conveniently adopted a religious rights position, as well as your shifting ‘right’ on abortion and LGBT rights. All this just in time for your unsucessful attachment to the 2008 Presidential nominee John #McCain – as his veep runner.   I’m not sure how that “glitch” will play for the “big ‘ol boys” investment clique.  After all, they seem to always want a return on their gracious gifts.  It’s not you, mind you, it’s that numbers-crunching thing that always gets in the way – nothing personal.

I do have to tell you also, Timmy, that #POTUS is sort of a step up from “veep candidate wannabe”.  Should you press yourself upon the voters, what kind of hat do you intend to wear for the sake of the “moderates’?  Heck, you might not hold too much credibility among conservatives and moderates alike – you know – they not being sure, of just who you are, and all that nonsense.  One last silly thing.  I wonder how you will “ignite passion” among the electorate.  You just don’t seem to have any of that – well – you know.  Perhaps your “T-PAW faux hockey shirt will do the trick.

This writing is strictly an opinion, and to that we, if Americans,  are all so entitled, under the Constitution of the United States of America.

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May 15, 2011

The Social Security Log Jam

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The Possible Solution….

Create a one-time voluntary program that gives a five-year early retirement incentive for all Seniors at full Social Security benefits rate.  The government would send out an initial “opt-in” inquiry, to determine how much participation could be expected.  Based favorably upon that, congressional leadership would tentatively agree, and  the decision to implement the program would be made.

This plan will open up hundreds of thousands of job slots for those of younger age who are out of work today.  This will immediately benefit the economy.  It will stop-short  many unemployment benefits claims.  It will allow those who are in danger of foreclosure to return to work.  This will have a “settling effect” on the economy.  The initial outlay for the program is relatively small, and is adjustable, dependent upon success.

The program would, of course, be tied to a now, more palatable congressional solution, making  the Social Security part of the entitlements equation, agreeable enough to pass.  The discussion will contain these points:

#     The one-time early retirement incentive (as listed above).

#     A Social Security revamping that adds a minimum of three (five years could very well be pressed) years to the retirement age schedule.  In effect, those forty-seven years old today would have the new Social Security minimum benefits start point at sixty-five years old, instead of the present sixty-two years old – with the remaining schedule simply pushed forward from there.  Whether this happens on a year-by-year sliding format or not is debatable, but in the end, the result is a three or five-year gain.

#      Waivers that make considerations for (but not limited to) certain types of career employment which may affect  some workers in a more physically wearing way than others.

#     A change to the cost-of-living adjustment criteria to more closely reflect actual national economic living conditions.

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Powerful Pain Relief?

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My Head Is Gonna ‘Splode

There needs to a self-imposed law for “cable news outlets”, that forbids them from showing us those repetitive “short shots” of accompanying video file-footage when reporting on STALE news.  You know, the kinds of video clips where, apparently,  the camera people cannot focus on a subject for more than twenty seconds.  These “gems” are later fed to us as though they were rare works of art.  But after only the first few hundred viewings, its:  “this dog don’t hunt” time.

I now live in fear that we will see some exciting shots of a flood gate spilling streams of water, into some spillway – for ever and ever.  I mean, I feel sadness, and my heart goes out to those living within the flood plains of the Mississippi River, for all that they are going through – but for God’s sake – we /understand/ that water is flowing through that damned spillway.

Worse, is when there is a topical discussion taking place in a news studio, and the producers have only about 20 seconds of “related” video on hand.  Somehow, they feel they have the critical, professional duty to play a loop of it, in a box,  ad nauseam.  How could we not be enthralled over the very sight of it – no less the report, for that matter.  And, to that matter, the “guests” are most likely just shouting at each other the entire time.

Every time some fool on FOX, CNN, or MSNBC even mentions the word ‘Osama’, you can bet the farm, you will see that idiot walking up the rocks, and  down the rocks – over and over and over.  Ten years later, we /still/ see Bin Laden examining his trusty AK-47 , (with a keen lack of interest equal to ours).  It actually makes me yearn to watch “ACTIVON” commercials over and over and over –  to relieve the pain.  Powerful Pain Relief, indeed.

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May 14, 2011

Protect The USA

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 Short and Sweet:   Border War

Should it come to it, I will gladly consider it my patriotic duty to take up arms in a fight to protect the USA from the continued invasion across our southern border. There is no need to discuss this illegal invasion issue further.  The opinions and the battle lines are well-formed.  I vehemently believe in the traditional American way of life.  I believe in our Constitution, and demand that it be upheld – with blood – if necessary.  I will do whatever it takes to protect my family’s well-being.  Our country’s destruction is taking place right before our eyes!  Those who enable this illegal invasion from the south, (and in doing such, are recklessly assisting  in the planned destruction of the #USA) are now doing so at their own peril.  I have absolutely no qualms about taking part in live-fire battle with these traitor enablers, whomever they are, in order to protect The United States of America.

(This writing is strictly opinion – and I’m damned proud of it.)

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